Hyundai Car Prices in Kenya


Hyundai Santa Fe Brown Ksh3,500,000

  • 97000
  • automatic
  • 2015
  • Petrol
  • Sport
  • Brown

Hyundai Cars in Kenya

Hyundai’s popularity since its establishment was due to the budget-priced economy cars it produced. Now, Hyundai has become one of the world’s largest integrated automotive manufacturers, with vehicles selling in at least 193 countries through more than 5000 car dealerships and showrooms distributed across the globe.

Hyundai has become a big player in the automotive world, receiving many positive reviews and ratings from reputable media and rating agencies. Hyundai users also have some nice things to say about different Hyundai car models.

Some notable and most admired features are the impressively engineered units and beautiful designs that the vehicles offer. Every user of the Hyundai car model in Kenya and the rest of the world has a story to tell about their units.

Most Hyundai Cars for sale in Kenya offer a varied lineup from classic SUVs to sporty, stylish, and luxury car models.

A Brief History of the Hyundai Company

The story of Hyundai Motor began in 1947, founded by a South Korean entrepreneur named Chung Ju-Yung. He founded Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company as a small business aimed at rebuilding and industrializing South Korea after the ravages of the Second World War.

The effects of the war caused Chung Ju-Yung to abandon his business and be employed in the Korean Ministry of Transportation. Working here inspired Ju-Yung to get into the automotive manufacturing business.

In 1967, Hyundai Motors was launched and by 1968, the company in collaboration with Ford Motor Company made the first car model called the Cortina. This was the start of the long and successful journey of Hyundai Motors. What followed was a series of car model ranges that were appreciated in Korea and the international market.

Popular Hyundai Models in Kenya

The Hyundai brand offers a range of great quality SUVs that make solid choices in their segments.

1. Hyundai Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a popular choice by many Hyundai car lovers in Kenya. Every feature in the Hyundai Santa Fe is geared towards offering comfort through its spacious interior, high-tech safety features, and offers great fuel economy.

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2. Hyundai Creta

The Hyundai Creta is available in 7 different trims, the E, EX, S, S+, SX, SX(O), and the SX Executive. The Creta is a five-seater SUV with a classy interior and with generous passenger and cargo space.

3. Hyundai Tucson

The Tucson is a compact five-seater crossover SUV with a confident driving experience. It is a perfect family car with ample space and a beautiful interior and exterior design.

Hyundai Tucson is available at very affordable prices. Both new and locally used Hyundai cars are available for sale.

4. Hyundai Palisade

The Hyundai Palisade is a classy and stylish SUV very popular in Kenya. It is loved for its comfort and handsomely designed interior and exterior. It has generous cargo and passenger space.

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5. Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20 is a 5-seater hatchback design, gaining popularity in Kenya, especially among sports car fans. The i20 has won its place in the top 10 positions in various World’s Safari Rallies.

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Other popular Hyundai Models include the i10 sedan. Hyundai KONA electric, Hyundai H-1 van, and other types.

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