Well, as we all know, the process of selling and buying a motor vehicle entails some procedures. Some of this, not limited to the willingness of the seller or the buyer in the transaction.

Based on the willing seller willing buyer, any person willing to buy a vehicle either from a car Dealership or an individual must exercise due diligence. Most of the vehicles if not all from our various source markets are bought based on TRUST in the company or institutions tasked with pre-shipping inspections and other agents.

  • Having said that, it is good to make sure that the vehicle is in perfect desired shape, its in good working and mechanically sound.
  • Ensure all documents are in accordance with the regulations and terms that govern every such transaction.
  • Personal satisfaction is key as buying a motor vehicle is not 'just like getting a bread from the shelves' as they say.
  • Budget is also essential since the vehicle is also considered a luxury that it will not interfere with other line pertaining basic needs.
  • A second opinion at times is also essential.

Now having done that, you can proceed to engage the seller and transact.